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Dinh X. Bui, D.D.S., M.S.


Removable prosthodontics is a specialty treating edentulism (tooth missing) using removable prosthesis. When the patient missing all his or her teeth, complete denture is fabricated. On the other hand, when patient still have remaining dentition, partial denture is fabricated. The disadvantage if the removable approach in treating missing teeth is that the chewing efficiency is considerably less as compared to the fixed approach. Secondly, the compressive force acted on the underlying bone results in bone atrophy and causing the prosthesis to be unstable and less retentive. Severe ridge atrophy in the mandible in many case can result in paresthesia and/or neuropathy in the jaw. Inability of wearing the prosthesis in these patient potentially can lead to temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Dr. Bui have combined the advance of implant technology and the new material in removable prosthesis to introduce the complete removable solution that addresses many of the issue above. In many case, precision click and/or locator can be used. Implant supported bar with clips in the denture can also be used to add the retention. In many Dr. Bui's case, preprosthetic surgery such as tori removal are performed to permit more stable bone surface beneath the denture and also eliminating undercut. These conditions will lead to pain and discomfort during usage of the prosthesis. The following removable prosthodontic cases were performed by Dr. Dinh X. Bui, D.D.S, M.S., with the longevity of the prothesis and ridge conservation are the main goals of the treatment. The final prosthesis is very stable, comfortable, hygienic, and highly esthetic.

  1. Case I: Precision click, complete denture
  2. Case II: 4 locators, complete denture
  3. Case III: 3 locators, complete denture
  4. Case IV: 1 locators, partial denture
  5. Case V: 2 locators, partial denture