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Patient Services


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Welcome to Cosmetic Dentist of Katy, the patients' service section.

This page is dedicated to help our patients in the following topics:

  1. Drug Instruction: All the drugs commonly prescribed at our office are listed here with the dosage instruction, mechanism of action, and possible allergic reaction (picture provided).
  2. Pain Management: explains all the tips about pain management in many dental emergency. It has proven to be extremely helpful related to various dental problems such as root canal pain, swollen gum, TMJ pain, discomfort involved with orthodontic procedure, post-surgery discomfort, etc... If there is any dental emergency please contact our office at (281)-579-6066 during business hour. For outside business hour, you can reach Dr. Bui's cellular phone at (832)641-4438. All dental emergencies can be seen as walk in, but the wait may be expected. Thank you for your patient.
  3. Post-op instruction: these are the instructions to be followed after dental surgery (wisdom teeth extraction, bone graft, perio surgery), root canal treatment, orthodontic appointment, TMJ/Bite splint delivery, denture insertion, crown placement, etc...
  4. Pre-op instruction: these are instructions to be explained to our patient prior to certain dental procedures (pre-surgery, pre-surgical extraction, root canal, intravenous sedation). Please read carefully.
  5. Patient reward: these are current specials offered exclusively to our patient of record.
  6. Consent form: Often, you may want to find out about the risk, benefits, alternative treatment, and consequence of doing nothing for a certain dental procedure prior to making the choice of treatment. This will allow you to ask more specific question during your dental appointment. We included consent forms for various dental procedures such as root canal, surgeries, platelet rich plasma harvesting, TMJ, extraction, bleaching, orthodontics, implant, and intravenous sedation. These forms will also be explained in detail by our staff to ensure your understanding of the treatment prior to choosing your treatment option.