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Dinh X. Bui, D.D.S., M.S.

Case Description

13 years old child came to our office seeking Orthodontic treatment for her diastemas. Her clinical and radiographic examination reveals:

  1. Diastemas (gaps) in the maxillary anterior
  2. Diastemas in the mandibular anterior
  3. 4mm overjet
  4. Gummy smile
  5. Angle molar class I on the right side
  6. Angle molar class I on the left side
  7. Thick band of keratinized attached gingiva
  8. No TMJ dysfunction

Treatment objectives:

  1. Eliminates diastemas in the anterior region
  2. Eliminates overjet
  3. Eliminates the gummy smile of the patient
  4. Non-extraction orthodontic therapy will be carried out