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Dinh X. Bui, D.D.S., M.S.

Case Description

11 years old adolescent patient presents to Dr. Bui and indicates that she wants to undergo Orthodontic therapy. Thorough clinical examination combining with the model and radiographic analysis reveals the following:

  1. Severe lack of space (more than 8mm on the lower arch)
  2. Rapid palatal expansion is desired due to small arch width, followed by anterior advancement of the maxillary teeth
  3. In the mandible, arch expansion at the canine region and molar distalization is also desired, followed by retraction of mandibular teeth
  4. Treatment should be started as early as possible
  5. Upper lateral incisors exhibits screw driver morphology (Hutchinson incisors)
  6. Gingival recession on the buccal surface of various adult teeth
  7. Angle's class III molar positioning
  8. No TMJ dysfunction

Treatment objectives:

  1. Angle class III molar relationship
  2. Skeletal class III precipitated the advancement of the premaxillary region
  3. Eliminates crowding
  4. Non-extraction orthodontic therapy will be carried out