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Dinh X. Bui, D.D.S., M.S.

Case Description

22 years old adult patient presents to Dr. Bui and indicates that she wants to undergo Orthodontic therapy. Thorough clinical examination combining with the model and radiographic analysis reveals the following:

  1. Congenital missing #7 resulting in tooth migration and midline shift.
  2. In the maxilla, narrow arch developed due to the missing tooth #7
  3. Rotation of tooth #24.
  4. In the mandible, lack of space to rotate tooth back to normal.
  5. Angle molar class I on the right side
  6. Angle molar class I on the left side
  7. Gingival recession on the buccal surface of various adult teeth
  8. No TMJ dysfunction

Treatment objectives:

  1. Expansion of the maxillary arch to allow for implant placement of #7
  2. Rotates #24
  3. Restore the arch morphology into ideal in the maxilla and the mandible
  4. Non-extraction orthodontic therapy will be carried out