The following are the actual cases that were done in our office by Dr. Bui. Our philosophy of practice is a conservative approach to full mouth reconstruction, combining specialized dentistry in the field of Periodontics, Prosthodontics, and Orthodontics. In every case, thorough treatment planning is required with utmost respect to:

  • Occlusion: the foundation which dictates how our upper and lower arches fit together. It regulates the distribution of force during function, i.e., swallowing and masticating. An ideal occlusion will almost always ensure the longevity of the dentition.
  • Periodontal health: the health of the supporting structure, i.e., the alveolar bone, the cemental attachment, and periodontal ligament. Healthy periodontium will not shows any sign of inflammation, i.e. bleeding gums and roll, round, bulbous interproximal margin between teeth or crown.
  • The integrity of the temporomandibular joint and the muscle of mastication: malocclusion regarding tooth position, arch width and position, may have the detrimental influence on the harmony of the working pairs of the musles of mastication, leading to degenerative joint disease and/or Temporomandibular dysfunction.

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Implant/Full Mouth Reconstruction
Periodontal Surgery